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At Avid Translation, we provide interpretation and translation services from English into over 50 languages and from other languages into English. We also offer interpretation services in about 25 other less common languages through our large network of translators and interpreters.

Our new video remote interpretation service currently covers 15 languages. All our language teams are native speakers and are highly specialized in their subject areas.

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We interpret and translate
English into over 50 languages and from other languages into English

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Translation from English into Other Languages

English to Afrikaans
English to Albanian
English to Amharic
English to Arabic
English to Armenian
English to ASL
English to Belarusian
English to Bengali
English to Bosnian
English to Burmese
English to Cambodian
English to Cebuano
English to Chinese (Mandarin)
English to Chinese (Cantonese)

English to Croatian
English to Czech
English to Danish
English to Dari
English to Dutch
English to Farsi
English to French
English to German
English to Georgian
English to Greek
English to Hebrew
English to Hindi
English to Hmong
English to Hungarian

English to Indonesian
English to Japanese
English to Korean
English to Lithuanian
English to Mongolian
English to Nepali
English to Norwegian
English to Pashto
English to Polish
English to Portuguese
English to Russian
English to Samoan
English to Serbian
English to Shanghainese

English to Slovene
English to Somali
English to Spanish
English to Swedish
English to Tagalog
English to Tamil
English to Taiwanese
English to Thai
English to Tigrinya
English to Tongan
English to Turkish
English to Ukrainian
English to Urdu
English to Vietnamese

Translation from Other Languages into English

Albanian to English
Amharic to English
Arabic to English
Armenian to English
ASL to Spoken English
Belarusian to English
Bengali to English
Bosnian to English
Burmese to English
Cambodian to English
Cebuano to English
Chinese (Mandarin) to English
Chinese (Cantonese) to English

Czech to English
Danish to English
Dari to English
Dutch to English
Farsi to English
French to English
German to English
Georgian to English
Greek to English
Hebrew to English
Hindi to English
Hmong to English
Hungarian to English

Japanese to English
Korean to English
Lithuanian to English
Mongolian to English
Nepali to English
Norwegian to English
Pashto to English
Polish to English
Portuguese to English
Russian to English
Samoan to English
Serbian to English
Japanese to English
Shanghainese to English

Somali to English
Spanish to English
Swedish to English
Tagalog to English
Taiwanese to English
Tamil to English
Thai to English
Tigrinya to English
Tongan to English
Turkish to English
Ukrainian to English
Urdu to English
Vietnamese to English

Avid Translation has partnered with and assisted numerous companies. Since our establishment in 2005, we have worked alongside numerous companies to help them grow and watched them expand their market share by utilizing our professional language translation services inAvid Translation

  • Courts, depositions, and legal proceedings
  • Educational & scientific research fields,.
  • Industrial & manufacturing fields, including translation of operating manuals, safety guidelines and employee training manuals.
  • Trade and export sectors, including both interpretation for delegations and translation of material such as brochures, display and promotional materials.
  • Intellectual property and patent law fields.
  • Government offices specializing in trade and export development
  • Website design and social media.

We provide translation in the following industries:

Avid Translation

Official Translation
Legal Translation
Healthcare Translation
Medical Translation
Pharmaceutical Translation
Banking & Financial

Avid Translation

Avid Translation

Educational Translation
Technical Translation
Industrial Translation
Advertising & Marketing
Consumer Products
Travel & Hospitality

Avid Translation

Avid Translation

Media & Entertainment
Literary Translation
Website & E-commerce

Avid Translation