Are you a clinical director who is looking to train your medical staff & clinicians on the best practice protocols and standards for working with medical interpreters? Or perhaps you are looking to evaluate the second language competency of your bilingual staff who may be working with non-English speakers?

We offer valuable training that aims at preparing medical staff and clinicians, testing of English language proficiency and interpreter training and coaching.

On-site Service Provider & Staff Training

Avid Translation

  • An overview of the standards and protocols of health care interpreting, for providers.
  • Working effectively with interpreters in medical and healthcare settings.
  • Practical skills & role-play for providers working with interpreters.

Language Competency Testing

Avid Translation

  • Testing of second language spoken proficiency
  • Testing of second language spoken comprehension
  • Testing of second language written proficiency

Cultural Competency Training

Avid Translation

    • Cultural competency training for health practitioners and staff working with different linguistic and cultural groups.
    • Cultural consulting and training for global sales teams and executives with focus on specific language & culture areas.