Why should you consider working with Avid Translation?

Avid Translation We support and advocate for community programs that serve the LEP population, vulnerable and under served groups.

Avid Translation We are a leading language service provider trusted by various government and public service agencies.

Avid Translation We are a fast growing company.

Avid Translation We encourage open communication with all our partner linguists as well as clients to maintain a high level of satisfaction in our service delivery process.

Avid Translation Professional Values:

  • We subscribe to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in all of our relationships.
  • We value partnership and take pride in working with our clients to achieve success.
  • We foster a culture of diversity, participation, knowledge sharing, and accountability within our company.
  • We are proud to participate and encourage giving back to community programs that serve the public.
  • We value both our clients and our language partners and we constantly strive to cultivate a flexible working relationship based on shared feedback between both our clients and partner linguists.