Interpretation services for different settings:

Multilingual interpretation services by trained linguists with interpreter certification and expert knowledge in their subject area. Avid interpreters subscribe to the highest standards in the interpreting field including the confidentiality requirement and the general code of ethics.

Our interpreting team includes:
Avid Translation Certified Medical Interpreters:

Our medical interpreters assist doctors and clinicians in communicating with their patients.

Avid Translation Certified Court Interpreters:

Our legal interpreters work in various settings including interpreting at court hearings and depositions. They have received training and certification by federal and state certification boards.

Avid Translation Simultaneous Conference Interpreters:

Avid Translation conference interpreters are highly trained and specialized in different fields and industries.

The US Court Interpreters Act states that: “the use of competent federal court interpreters in proceedings involving speakers of languages other than English is critical to ensure that justice is carried out for defendants and other stakeholders.

Select an interpreting service that matches your needs:

In-person or onsite Interpreters

Onsite interpreting is the preferred mode of choice in settings involving:
Avid Translation A high level of interaction, particularly where there is more than one person in the session. Such settings include court & legal deposition sessions where a certified court interpreter is required or at conferences where a trained and certified simultaneous conference interpreter is needed.
Avid Translation Sensitive or confidential communication such as between a doctor or clinician and patient or client where a reliable linguist with medical interpreter certification is preferred.
Avid Translation Young children and/or people with underdeveloped language skills or who use unusual spoken language patterns.
Avid Translation Individuals with vision-related disabilities which impede their ability to utilize video technology.

Telephonic Interpreters:

This mode of interpreting works in situations where:

Avid Translation Communication is minimal, concise and needed with short notice such as scheduling & coordinating services. For example, when a lawyer provides counsel to a client, a court interpreter can facilitate communication via telephone.


Avid Translation
Avid Translation

According to the Department of Health Services (HHS):
“No person may be subjected to discrimination on the basis of national origin in programs because they have a primary language other than English.